"Join SWC Storm Chasers and Meteorologists each Spring as we track down the most daunting and destructive supercell thunderstorms on the planet! SWC Chasers are safe, reliable, and carry over 60 years of combined storm chasing experience. Simply put, we get you to the best storm action every time! You are more than a guest on an SWC Expedition! As a part of our team, you will learn how to forecast severe weather, learn advanced weather technologies, and track tornadic supercells across Tornado Alley USA."
Storm Chasing Tours and Vacations - SWC Expeditions
Meet mother nature face to face while we take care of the rest! Our tour guides will book and manage all hotel accommodations from arrival to departure! Expect anywhere from 6 to 10 hours of storm chasing each day, especially in the evening hours. We will travel several hundred miles on any given day, so be ready for the sights and sounds of Tornado Alley.
The 2025 SWC Expedition schedule is carefully designed to maximize the potential to see tornadoes, funnel clouds, and other intense weather phenomenon. All tours GUARANTEE an exciting road trip packed with tornadic supercells, wicked skies, hail, wind, and much more! Seasonal United States weather patterns and jet stream interactions dictate actual results.
SWC Storm Chasers and Meteorologists invite you to join us on an amazing journey across Tornado Alley, tracking down the most powerful Supercell Thunderstorms and Tornadoes on Earth! Welcome to the team! Ask us about our SWC Storm Chasing Guarantee!
"Each chase vehicle is limited to a maximum of 6 guests. During each chase day, SWC Storm Chasers hold several weather discussions with each group, and questions are welcome! We encourage you to be a part of the team in order to feel the true spirit of storm chasing! Your participation during an SWC Expedition is what makes them so much fun and educational!"
"After a long day of chasing, our tour guides have got you covered! We only stay in comfortable, secure, and guest approved hotel establishments. We typically stay in Marriott, Comfort Inn & Suites, and other highly rated hotels."
The ingredients necessary to produce severe thunderstorms are found in Tornado Alley. Cool and dry air from Canada, dry air mixing east from the desert southwest, and warm moist southerly flow from the Gulf of Mexico all come together to provide the fuel for supercell development. Join our storm chasers each spring season as we track these amazing storms across the Great Plains!