Take the ultimate ride into Tornado Alley USA with SWC storm chasing duo Rich and Mandy! During an incredible 2019 Tour Season, our chase team intercepted tornadoes over 6 states, breathtaking supercell structures, and the best that mother nature has to offer. 2020 Tours are available now, and we expect there to be no shortage of twisters, massive hail, and intense lightning! We will run down supercells and tornadoes so intense they will blow you away! As always, we welcome guests from across the world and make it our priority to serve you! Follow SWC Storm Chasers at!
All hotel stays are included in your price. Clean hotels are guaranteed!
Comfortable and reliable transportation is provided during each expedition.
We will provide you with a tablet so you can interact with us during the chase.
On-board wifi and charging ports are available for all electronic devices.
We provide breakfast daily at no charge, even when not available at the hotel.
Continuous weather briefings are administered throughout each chase day.
Experience storm-filled skies and wicked weather across Tornado Alley.
No severe weather? We will visit national parks, weather sites, and more!
1. Click on our expedition schedule to see full tour details and information.
2. Choose your desired tour and click the RESERVE NOW button.
3. A $650 down payment is required to guarantee your seats.
4. You will receive a receipt, invoice for final payment, and a welcome letter.
5. Final payments are due no later than April 1, 2020.
6. If you book a tour after April 1, 2020 you must pay in full at checkout.
7. Book your arrival/departure flights to the base city listed on your tour.
8. Notify us with your flight itinerary no later than 14 days before you arrive.
The United States and Tornado Alley is home to the most extreme weather on the planet! There are approximately 1,253 tornadoes, frequent hail events as large as 5 inches in diameter, and extreme flooding events each year. The vast majority of this activity occurs from the southern Plains to the northern Plains from April until July. The epicenter of the extreme activity occurs in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Additional tornadoes, hail, and wind events occur in the Deep South, Midwest, and Ohio Valley regions, although outbreaks are less frequent. The SWC Expedition team will take you to the heart of it all as we chase from Texas to North Dakota. The action is relentless and intense. What you see in Tornado Alley will blow you away!
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With over 25 years of combined storm chasing experience, forecasting and chasing extreme weather is what we do. We track severe weather potential from weeks to days in advance in order to narrow down areas of supercell development. In the hours leading up to a chase event, subtle changes in atmospheric conditions provide clues as to where the best activity is most likely to occur. We analyze these changes and utilize a full array of storm tracking equipment and tools such as NWS Level 2 and 3 Radar, Goes 16 and 17 Satellite, Global, Mesoscale, and long-range Climate modeling, and much more. We frequently access topographic maps in order to navigate through less than ideal terrain and areas with high population density. The best part is, you will be able to learn how to read the data and assist us in collecting real-time data related to the chase.
An SWC storm chasing tour begins with a relaxing first night at a clean and cozy hotel. Mingle with other guests or just relax how you see fit. We will spend a couple of hours with the group, because as your tour guides, we want the opportunity to get to know you. We are always fascinated to learn about your extreme weather experiences, so please don't be afraid to share! We will go over important information regarding storm chasing safety, and we discuss the latest techniques used to forecast tornadoes and other extreme weather hazards. After breakfast on your first chase day, we set out on a non-stop chasing adventure that will take you through the plains, peaks, and valleys of Tornado Alley, where you will experience the most extreme supercells possible on earth. Along the way, and between storm activity, we might stop by a famous restaurant, a nostalgic tornado attraction, and much more!
We provide tour guests with a rigorous safety plan. During a live chase, we maintain a safe distance from low level mesocyclones which produce tornadoes, and ensure a safe and viable escape route is available at all times. We are certified in First Aid/CPR and Storm Spotters for the National Weather Service(KILN). We change hands at the wheel every 4 hours to ensure optimal drivers safety and we follow ALL state and local traffic laws. A 32 point inspection of our vehicle is performed between each tour, and we inspect our vehicle each morning before departure. The SWC chase vehicle is outfitted with an array of front, side, and overhead airbags, lane assist, and front/rear collision warning systems. We take pride in providing you the same level of safety and security that we provide for ourselves and our families.