"Hi my name is Richard. I have been a member of the storm chasing community since 1998. I witnessed my first tornado on June 2, 1990 in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio at the age of 9. This tornado outbreak fueled my pursuit for extreme weather! I began my career chasing supercells and other extreme weather throughout the Midwest and Ohio Valley regions. Since then, I have intercepted tornadoes across 13 states including the Great Plains and the Deep South. During our tours in 2020, we intercepted tornadoes near Holly, Colorado, Ashley, North Dakota, and Reynolds, Nebraska. In addition to storm chasing, our team remains committed to supporting the pursuit of severe weather awareness and advancements in tornado research and analysis. In addition to weather, I enjoy photography, sports, and spending time with my wife and children."
Storm Chasing Tours - SWC Expeditions
"Hi, my name is Mandy. I developed a passion for storm chasing while experiencing severe weather in my hometown. I enjoy taking pictures of many things, but mother nature is certainly my favorite. Along with supercells and twisters, I enjoy photographing amazing cloud formations such as shelf clouds and mammatus! While working alongside my husband Richard, I organize the travel arrangements for each of our tours, and take pride in ensuring that our guests are comfortable and relaxed. I also analyze potential travel disruptions and execute real-time navigation and logistics during chase events. In addition to photography, I enjoy wildlife, scenic nature, and spending time with my husband and children."