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πŸŒ€ Tracking Tropical Storm Beta
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πŸŒ€Tropical Storm Beta continues to swirl off of the Northern Gulf Coast.
Tropical Storm Beta, currently with sustained winds near 60mph, will slowly shift westward toward the Central Texas Gulf Coast over the next couple of days.
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Weather models such as the ECMWF have continued to indicate that Tropical Storm Beta will come ashore as a 60mph Storm with heavy rain impacts being the most commonly felt across the Central Texas Gulf Coast.
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πŸ”₯ Hot and Dry conditions prevail in the southwestern United States
Severe Drought and warmer than normal conditions persist across the western United States heading into late Summer and this is expected to continue well into Fall 2021. Weak La Nina conditions are possible over the next 30 to 60 days, which will keep any appreciable energy to the north and northeast of some of the driest areas.
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GOES 16 Serves the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico with phenomenal views of Tropical Cyclones and more.
Compare these two satellite images of tornadic supercell across Indiana and Ohio. Warm, moist air from the southwest has been funneling into these storms since earlier this afternoon. A Mid-level jet max will continue to travel eastward today and tonight bringing more storm activity to the Ohio Valley and Northeast through mid-week.
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