• "I have been a weather junkie all my life, and chasing tornadoes was on my bucket list. Richard and Mandy were awesome Tour Guides. Their knowledge about meteorology and their passion for chasing storms is really incredible. They taught us how to use radar maps, and read weather data. They gave us our own tablets so that we could really be part of the chase. We saw some bigger tours stepping out of large vans throughout our journey and knew those people were not getting the same experience and personal attention that we received. I highly recommend SWC Expeditions if you want a life changing, tornado chasing experience. I had such a good time that I am looking forward to my next chase."
    Andrew P. - Boca Raton, Florida
    Majestic Mammatus Expedition 2021
    "I want to thank Richard and Mandy Gross of Severe Weather Country Expeditions for an amazing chase tour. You guys are very knowledgeable and you made me feel like part of the team. I got everything I was looking for out of this tour and made 4 new great friends. You guys were great teammates. Thanks Again. Until next time, good luck chasing!!!"
    Michael D. - Schenectady, New York
    Violent Vortex Expedition 2020
    "I have just experienced one of the best holidays in my life, chasing storms with Richard and Mandy Gross. They have been excellent hosts as well as experienced and competent storm chasers. Richard’s expertise in the field of meteorology and storm chasing provided us with an exciting 8 days, travelling nearly 5000 kilometres (3000 miles) staying in excellent hotels and showing us a variety of storms over five states. At no time did we feel under any threat because of the competence of our hosts. I am thinking of reprising this experience in a couple of years and would encourage others to see the power and majesty of these events."
    Geoff H - Sydney, Australia
    Rapid Rotation Expedition 2019
    "My husband, son, and I joined Rich and Mandy on tour #3 Wicked Wallcloud 2018. On day 2 we chased in Kansas and saw our first tornado ever! We followed a wedge tornado for 15 minutes near Salina and was able to take some amazing photos along the way. The next day we witnessed a couple of supercells and a funnel cloud in Oklahoma. Even when there weren't any storms, Rich and Mandy took us to the Twister Museum on day 4 to see some of the artifacts from the original movie. Very neat! On day 5 we went to Caprock Canyon State Park and took hundreds of photos. We learned a lot about forecasting storms and how to read weather charts and maps. We would strongly recommend going out with this couple. They know their stuff. It was just the 3 of us and them, and the ride was comfortable and enjoyable the entire way. Very good hotel accomodations thanks to Mandy. Great friends and great times!"
    Sheila, Travis, and Michael - Minneapolis, MN
    Wicked Wall Cloud Expedition 2018
    "We love Tornado Alley in the US. This was our second time coming to the US for tornado chasing. This was a splendid experience by all means. Thank you Mandy and Rich for a wonderful life changing experience. No weather comes close to this back home, and we came hoping this holiday would be better than our last experience in 2014. We had 6 days with them, and so much fun and saw 2 tornadoes, green skies, and the works! Went to Rocky Mountain National Park on our 5th day. It was so peaceful and would go again when we can. We ate at a couple of yum restaurants during meal times. Plenty of stops, scenery, and our guides happen to be the cutest couple ever!"
    Bill & Jan - Copenhagen, Denmark
    Twisted Tornado Expedition 2018