🌪 Ride along with Veteran Storm Chasers Rich and Mandy Gross, and Meteorologist Joshua Ketchen through Tornado Alley USA!
💡 Learn tips, tricks, and technologies that SWC Storm Chasers use when tracking the world's most dangerous storms.
🏨 All Lodging and accomodations to and from the base airport from arrival to departure are included.
🍎 Daily breakfast is provided by our hotel partners, and the SWC team provides on-board snacks. Trust us, these come in handy during a long chase day!
⭐ SWC Storm Chasing Guarantee! Receive 50% OFF the list price of a future SWC Expedition... if we fail to deliver you to Tornadoes, landspouts, and/or funnel clouds during your tour.

ℹ Contact an SWC team member for specific questions or concerns regarding our tours. We are happy to help!

📱 Phone: 405.441.3400
📧 reservations@severeweathercountry.com
🌪 The Twisted Tornado Expedition is notorious for strong tornadoes in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Fast moving and very intense supercells with extreme hail to 5" in diameter and damaging winds near 80mph are common! In recent years, this tour has taken us anywhere from south Texas to Illinois tracking down the most intense severe weather. Extreme supercells with rope tornadoes and baseball-sized hail highlighted our 2018 season, a stovepipe tornado near Pratt, KS on Twisted Tornado 2019, and twisters near Lubbock, TX in 2021 and 2022! Don't miss this wild ride in 2024!

2024 Twisted Tornado Expedition April 29-May 5 $2900

In the Spring of 2024, The SWC Storm Chasing Team will take you on daunting and explosive 7 day adventure through the Heart of Tornado Alley. Get ready for a relentless storm chasing road trip that will blow you away!

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Billing Address
🌤 Base City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
🛩 Arrive at Will Rogers World Airport on April 28, 2024 no later than 2pm CDT. Transportation from the airport is available between 11am and 2pm CDT.
⛈ SWC Chase Days: April 29, 30, and May 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Lodging Included: 8 Nights
✈ Depart Will Rogers World Airport on May 6, 2024. Transportation to the airport is available between 6am and 12pm CDT.